Boat to Go is a dynamic French company, that sells a wide range of boats, regarding to a specific demand. Our primary goal is to please our customers in order to fulfil their needs and desires. We focus on our products’ quality in the aim to guarantee our clients’ comfort and aesthetics expectations.
Our premises are located in Pessac and we would be pleased to welcome you and let you discover our offer.
We hope to see you soon! The Boat to Go Team.

Our Team

People who have contributed enormously to our Company.
John Doe

Mélanie Sabountchi
Cyrielle Saquet

Nix Maxwell

Yinan Sun
Hubert Schontz

Financial Manager
Josh Clark

Kevin Stucker
Rémi Seguin

Marketing Manager
Mary Jane

Maxime Bourdarie
Romain Cambou

Production Manager


Discover our range of boats

Boat a

Fishing line

Equipped with three wooden benches, this simple wooden boat can be used either for non-professionnal fishing, or as an utility row boat.


  • length: 4m
  • weight: 250kg
  • Equipment: 3 wood benches
  • Possibility for a small outboard motor
  • Propulsion: oars, sculls or small motor

Boat b

Leisure line

Easily transportable, light and useful, this 2 man leisure boat can bring you to the waters of every lake, river, estuary or canal. Thanks to its comfortable cabin, made for one or two people, you can go to longer voyages. You can even sunbath on the wooden platform.


  • length: 5,50m
  • weight: 500kg
  • Equipment: small cabin made for one or two people, that can be fitted with a simple kitchen. Deck for sunbathing.
  • Propulsion: outboard motor or mast.

Boat c

Cruising line

You are never gonna want to leave this luxury, ultra modern boat. Wether you want to go deep-sea fishing, or cruising on lakes or oceans, this boat will always suit your needs. With its two cabins made for two people each, and a kitchen, you will enjoy the space provided by our latest boat. Be careful though ! This big baby will need a permanent port attachment, you will not be able to bring it back home.


  • length: 8m
  • weight: 1 300kg
  • Equipment: 2 cabins, 1 kitchen
  • Propulsion: two big powerful motors for high sea comics.


We offer Competitive Prices.


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63 Avenue des Facultés,
33600 Pessac
Phone 1 : +33 (0)5 24 60 05 18
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Email : contact@boattogo.fr